​​​When you work with Computershare, you are choosing a partner that has decades of experience in managing any type of M&A corporate event you can think of.​

Exchange and paying agent services

Your goal for any corporate action is 100% of shares exchanged. We manage the entire share exchange process including reporting, creating files of eligible shareholders, and establishing timelines. No one wants errors or confused shareholders, so we will consult with you and your legal counsel to design exchange documents, prepare letters and coordinate the mailings.

Tender offers

You are dealing with confidential information and tight timelines, and our corporate actions team is sensitive to both. We work closely with your legal counsel, information agent and deal team to ensure superior communication, accurate transaction processing, and timely distribution to participants.

Election agent services

Sending clear communications and instructions are key to the success of your event. Our team provides expertise in project management, process outlines and timelines, all focused on maximizing the clarity and efficiency of the election process.

Stock splits and dividends

These significant events require attention to detail and coordination with all market participants and stakeholders. As a leading provider in both transfer agent and M&A corporate event services, we offer an integrated system that provides speed, safety and responsiveness to the affected populations.

Subscription rights offerings

When you want to raise capital by issuing shares to your shareholders, count on Computershare. It is likely we are already servicing many of them as their transfer agent and can use this relationship to create a successful campaign for you.

Redemption services

For your partial or full redemptions, Computershare provides up-to-date sample documents, mails all materials, posts notices in financial journals, performs certificate balancing, redeems proceed payments and handles tax reporting.


Having worked with all types and sizes of mutually held companies that have gone public, Computershare’s demutualization experience is unparalleled.

Tax reporting

As part of our services, Computershare offers a full suite of tax reporting capabilities, including but not limited to Cost Basis, Fair Market Value, 302/304 certifications, and foreign governmental tax certification.


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