From your first buck to your first billion

Computershare's GEMSpm solution is the smart self-administration equity management platform that meets your equity needs today and expands to meet your needs tomorrow. Visit to learn more.

With GEMSpm, you can tackle these essential tasks in one self-administration platform:


cap table
Manage your cap table

Eliminate spreadsheets and have confidence in your investor data. Model future investment rounds and perform waterfall analysis. Invite investors and other stakeholders to access your cap table.

employee portal
Issue employee equity awards

Administer equity programs that attract and retain talent. Keep employees informed and engaged with an employee portal and online grant acknowledgement.

financial reporting
Navigate financial reporting

Whether it is you managing this task, or a finance team, the expensing of your equity programs is seamless.

registered agent
Declare a registered agent

Maintain visibility into your representation and annual reporting services in one location.

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