​​​​The employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is the unsung hero of financial benefits. It has the ability to make owners out of your employees, allowing them to invest in the future of the company as well as their own future. It is also proven that participants in ESPPs are better, more engaged employees.

No matter the design, no m​atter the size, we have a flexible suite of tools to help you set up and manage your plan. And every step of the way you will be supported by a dedicated relationship manager focused on your ESPP and your unique needs.​​​​​​​

Whether you're ready to launch a new plan or thinkin​g of moving your current plan to a new provider, we are ready to help.

 Getting started

  • Should you have an ESPP?
    Short answer, we think so! Read our article for nine reasons why you should have an ESPP.
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  • What type of ESPP should you have?
    Check out our article on top ESPP design considerations to learn more.
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All Things ESPP Webinar Series
Each month we hold a webinar on an ESPP-related topic, from plan design to communicatinos to implementation, expensing, reporting and more. Webinars are run by our own experts as well as leading authorities from the plans industry.
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China Share Plan Solutions
Establishing an equity compensation plan in China can be time-consuming, and without the correct compliance can lead to potentially serious implications as local regulations can be complex and difficult to navigate. Our dedicated team has over 15 years' experience with over 125 employees located in: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
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 ESPP adminstration

Service highlights
Everything we do is with you and your company's plan participants in mind. We tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs. Some of our standard services include:

  • Maintain all ESPP data on our secure, proprietary recordkeeping system
  • Provide enrollment and contribution management for your participants
  • Manage plan enrollments
  • Facilitate share purchases by either original issue of shares or by authorized open market purchases
  • Accommodate full and fractional shares purchases
  • Monitor participation against $25,000 limit thresholds for qualified plans
  • Track share dispositions for qualified plans and provide reporting
  • Track ordinary income and report to the plan sponsor
  • Prepare and file Form 3922 in accordance with Section 6039 as needed

 Participant service highlights

Single sign-on access

Participants can access accounts conveniently right from your company’s intranet through our single-sign-on capabilities.

Account access from any device

Our participant site is built with responsive design, so your participants will have access to the full functionality of the site from any mobile device.

Multi-lingual support

Optional service allows participants to manage accounts in multiple languages through multi-lingual web and language line services

Payments in multiple currencies

Choose to receive sales proceeds by check or wire in one of 70+ currencies. Direct deposit is also available for payments in U.S. dollars.

Live support for that personal touch

Live participant service representatives are available from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern, any day the New York Stock Exchange is open.

SMS Text Alerts

Participants can receive alerts on their mobile phones when certain events occur on their accounts.

Participants manage their accounts through Employee Online
Your company's employees have full access to their ESPP accounts through Computershare's Employee Online web site. Highlights of what employees can do include:
  • Enroll in the plan and elect payroll deductions
  • Execute market order stock sales
  • Input domestic or international banking details for disbursement
  • Set up reverse ACH or wire instructions for transmission of transaction-related funds
  • Access comprehensive purchase and transaction history
  • View detailed share balance displays
  • Read, download, and print online tax forms, plan statement and plan documents
  • Execute certificate, electronic transfer and broker transfer requests
  • Review shares and dividend information
  • Certify W-8 BEN or W-9 electronically
  • Select customizable e-communication preferences
  • Learn through complimentary financial education articles and tools

Make Your ESPP a Success with a Well-Executed Education Campaign

From emails, to videos to posters to live presentations, let us help you build a campaign that educates your employees on the value of your ESPP.
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Get your ESPP up and ru​nning

Whether you're ready to launch a new​​​ plan or thinking of moving your current plan to a new provider, we are ready to help. Contact us today to learn more. NOTE: If you are attempting to access your ESPP account or enroll in your company's ESPP, click here

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