​​​​​​​​​​​​Employee equity plans are a valuable benefit, but only if employees understand what they are and why they are valuable. Effective communications are the key. Our communication experts will work with you to understand your company's culture, the types of plans being offered, and the reasons for offering them. We'll then advise you on the right message, delivered on the right media, to engage and educate your employees. Let us help you​ make the most of the plans your company offers.

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Benefits of an education campaign

  • Increase Value

    How does the plan work? Why is the company offering the plan? What are the benefits to the employee? The more employees understand the plans offered, the more value they’ll assign to them.

  • Increase Morale

    The more employees understand the benefits being offered – especially ones as complex as equity plans – the better they feel about the company.

  • Increase Participation for ESPPs

    Employee stock purchase plans can be a great benefit, but they also can be hard to understand. Properly educating employees on how the ESPP works can lead to higher participation, which has additional rewards.

Which media is right for your message?

​Not every media platform is right for every message. Knowing which platform is right for your message and your audience is the key to a successful campaign. Often the answer is multiple media platform, with the message tailored to fit the platform unique benefits. Our experts will work with you to identify the right media platforms for your message. Here are some examples of what we offer and how they work best.​

  • Best for introducing your plan and creating excitement. Keep it short (2-3 minutes max) and keep it high level. Video is too quick for details and complexit​y.​

  • Great for building awareness. Put them out in breakrooms where employees see them repeatedly. Be sure they include a URL or other call to action where employees can get more information.​

  • Use these 1-2 page documents to provide a quick overview of the plan and answer the most common questions.​

  • ​A brochure allows you to provide all the information on your company’s plan in one location. Be sure to keep the opening pages high level with the more detailed information, such as how taxes work, further back.

  • Whether in-person or via webinar, presentations are where you go in-depth into the mechanics of the plan, how it works, how the taxes work, how to sign up. It’s also ideal for Q&A. Record the presentation and post it for employees who couldn’t make it to the live event.​

  • In essence, a single-page web site where you house all other collateral – highlights, FAQ, presentations, videos, etc. Official plan documentation can also be stored here. It can also contain links to enrollment and customer service phone numbers.

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Computershare's Plans Education Group helps you educate your employees on how your plans work. From increasing enrollment in an ESPP to understanding and appreciating equity awards, we will deliver a campaign that resonates with your employees w​​​hile being true to your corporate goals for the plan. Fill out the form below to request a complimentary assessment of your own education needs.​​​