​As more of the services in our daily lives move to digital, transfer agent services are no different. A question to ask: is your transfer agent delivering on their technology roadmap?

With Computershare, the answer is yes.

We consult with our clients on their needs and have consistently delivered on our commitments to offer the technology that provides an excellent customer experience for their internal teams, their shareholders and other stakeholders. Over the past few years, we've given our clients more by implementing some of their most requested services.

We reinvest nearly 12% of our total revenues in updating and maintaining our technology

Digital platform for shareholders – Investor Center™

An easy-to-use, self-serve web platform that provides holders with 24/7 access to their accounts to manage their holding information

  • In 2020, we enhanced the design for an enhanced shareholder experience and upgraded the platform for access on mobile devices
  • New summary page provides key portfolio information and access to a new “launch pad” for quick and easy navigation
  • 1.4 million+ logins and 18k+ new members since the launch in North America


As part of the Investor Center platform, QuickTax gives shareholders direct and immediate access to the tax forms they need for their filings. Computershare was the first transfer agent to offer a connection to the TurboTax® service for registered shareholders and Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) participants.

  • Responsive across mobile devices
  • Over 140,000 Tax Forms retrieved through May 2020, with 34% of fulfillment via digital and paperless

Online beneficiary management

Shareholders can now designate one or multiple beneficiaries for their securities, within the Investor Center platform. This simplifies estate planning and eliminates the probate process and waiting period. Computershare is the first in the industry to offer this feature fully online.

Gift transfer

Shareholders can gift (transfer) shares easily online through the Investor Center platform, helping them control future ownership and tax events.

Digital platform for issuers – Issuer Online™

Clients can review their shareholder data online. From reporting functions and voting outcomes to transaction history and investor data, this platform enables issuers to access information to share with board members, executives and investor relations teams. In 2020, we enhanced the design for an enhanced user experience, including improved search capabilities for easier navigation.


Available through the Issuer Online platform, the iCART® tool allows issuers and authorized signers to facilitate the distribution of shares online. It provides dual authorization control, requiring two signatures for deposits, withdrawals and issuances, to protect every transaction.

Text communications

As part of our communication ecosystem, texting provides another convenient option for shareholders to communicate using their channel of choice. We are continuously enhancing our text capabilities, allowing users to do more on the go.

  • 3.1 million+ accounts consent
  • 120,000+ two-way message interactions per month on average
  • 900,000+ outbound text messages per month on average

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) allows companies to move repetitive, highly business rules-based tasks from a human workforce to robots, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic, value-added tasks and delivering responsive client service. Implementing RPA allows us to streamline processes, improve efficiencies and accuracy, enhance quality and security, and achieve faster turnaround times.

Virtual shareholder meetings

Our virtual annual meeting solutions are user-friendly, offering the interactions of an in-person meeting all online. In 2020, there was a rapid increase in the number of virtual meetings due to the global pandemic, and we anticipate there will be a continued interest in both virtual and hybrid options. To meet the demand, Computershare continues to expand our offering, providing solutions that will deliver enhanced capabilities.

​Other Milestones:


A platform for executives and board directors to share confidential documents, work collaboratively and make business decisions quickly, from their device of choice. To meet our clients’ changing needs, we’ve enhanced the platform from electronic signature requests, multi-boarding to allow directors on multiple boards to sign-in once and access information on all boards, and viewing from phone and tablet apps.

Broker Portal for REITS

Computershare’s proprietary broker portal helps brokers and registered investment advisors maintain a relationship with their clients. They can view client positions, track trades and dividends, and send a monthly statement, co-branded with their company name. This year, we are investing in technology to upgrade the platform, building in the functionality most requested by users – they’ve asked, and we’ve listened.

Learn how your company can get more from a transfer agent committed to delivering on a solid technology roadmap that will support you and your stakeholders today and tomorrow.

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