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Upcoming topics

2020 Year-end planning and education for stock plan sponsors and their participants

Bruce Brumberg, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of myStockOptions.com joins us to cover a range of issues and year-end planning topics that impact employees and executives with stock compensation.

By attending this session you will understand:

    • What’s new for year-end 2020 and year-beginning 2021, and do the election results change anything?
    • What's new on the 1040 tax form and potential confusion it presents for employees
    • What and how to communicate and educate your employees and executives
    • How to accommodate planning for tax rates and the Medicare surtax on stock sales
    • Important dates and tax rules applicable to gifts and donations of company stock
    • Various tax rules that confuse employees: netting of different types of income; the wash sale rule; Performance shares: payout dates
    • Statements employees should expect early in 2021
    • Preparing employees for the 1099-B for stock sales and cost basis reporting
    • Other common situations, issues, and questions from stock plan participants at year-end

December 10, 2020 | 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET


Previously recorded topics

401(k) and ESPP Mythbusters: Myths, Realities and Actionable Ideas

If your company is considering introducing an ESPP to your total rewards program, don’t be mistaken—these plans do work well together. Many companies offer both 401(k) and ESPP programs. If yours does or you are considering introducing an ESPP, participation in one plan should really have no bearing on participation in the other. Strengthen your understanding of this frequently misunderstood topic by learning just how many 401(k) and ESPP assumptions are wrong.

RRSP, TFSA and ESPPs - Tax Saving Options for Participants

If you offer a Canadian ESPP to your employees without a TFSA or RRSP option, you may be missing out on increasing the value of your ESPP to employees and thereby driving greater participation. Offering an RRSP or TFSA as part of your ESPP may assist participants in maximizing their investment while reducing taxation. Both have their advantages and their limits. Join this informative webinar to learn about these tax-saving options, how they work, the benefits of one versus the other (versus neither), plan design considerations when adding an RRSP or TFSA, the requirement for a trustee, tax on dividends and withdrawals, and more.

Integrating Financial Wellness into Your Total Rewards

Financial well-being is more relevant for workers today than ever before. Skyrocketing unemployment and an uncertain recovery time for the economy means workers everywhere are stressed about their financial fitness. This session will explore what companies are doing today to address financial well-being through their compensation and benefit offerings. Based on results from the financial well-being survey undertaken by WorldatWork and Computershare, discover what measures your fellow Total Rewards professionals are taking to implement effective wellness programs that engage employees, how ROI is measured on these benefits, and the innovative things companies are doing to help with poor financial literacy.

How to Establish an ESPP

If you’re considering offering an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) at your company, or if you’re in the early stages of researching one, don’t miss this two-part webinar series on how to establish an ESPP. These webinars will act as a primer on what you need to know to navigate the process for bringing an ESPP to your company.

Part 1: Design, Budget and Approvals

In part one, you’ll hear from experts at Computershare on the initial steps it takes to get an ESPP up and running, including determining the right design, setting a budget, and getting both internal stakeholder and external shareholder approval for the plan.

Part 2: Implement, Administer and Communicate

In the second part of this two-part series, Computershare’s experts go through what is involved with implementing your ESPP, administration considerations, and how best to communicate your plan to eligible employees.

Keeping Your Share Pool Clean in a Messy Economy

With stock prices hovering far below the levels of early 2020, equity award granting has suddenly become much more dilutive. Companies that planned to request additional shares in 2021 may need to do so much sooner—and with greater difficulty as their fundamentals deteriorate. In this webcast, discover share pool conservation and management strategies you can implement immediately.

Workers Were Always ‘Essential’: Equity Plan Design for Hourly Employees

During these unprecedented times of economic uncertainty, much attention is being given the crucial role of essential workers putting their health at risk while frequently being paid low hourly or salary wages. While there has been discussion and some limited action by companies around providing premium or hazard pay in the short-term, there has been little to no discussion around long-term solutions to compensate these workers fairly once we are out of this crisis. Attend this interesting and insightful session where panelists will focus on new design approaches to your rewards program, e.g., the use of a nonqualified ESPP, for your hourly workers and hear what other companies are doing to ensure their employee value proposition ‘for all’ remains competitive during this time!

Equity Compensation Challenges and Solutions in the Face of Market Uncertainty

Equity compensation has been significantly impacted by the market uncertainty caused by Covid-19. While the current situation is unprecedented, experience from periods of prior market volatility and new design ideas can be utilized as valuable tools for evaluating your programs in today’s environment. Join our experts as they discuss challenges and solutions regarding key decisions related to your employees’ equity, including award sizing methodology, dilution concerns, and plan design considerations for stock options, RSUs, PSUs, and ESPPs. As you assess what actions are appropriate for your company’s equity programs, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of alternatives and implications.

Tax Return Mistakes and Error Prevention for 2020

Watch this recorded webinar to help you understand the rules and where employees and even tax professionals get confused. It will help you communicate with employees to help them prevent mistakes in reporting stock sales from equity compensation and other mishaps.

When Share Plans Meet Legal: Compliance Lessons to Make your Life Easier

Maintaining a compliant stock plan is a requirement for all issuers, so how do you effectively navigate all the tax forms, awards and leaving processes? Join us for an informative webinar session with White & Case as we discuss the administration basics, common errors and consequences, and tips and actions to help you administer your plan.

Effective Stock Plan Strategies that Impact Organizational, Strategic and Financial Outcomes

An employee stock purchase plan can be an effective benefit to offer your employees, if you employ the right strategies. Join us for this informative webinar to see research conducted at Rutgers Institute for Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing on proven share plan strategies that have shown to positively impact employee, strategic and organizational outcomes.

2019 Year-end planning and education for stock plan sponsors and their participants

Bruce Brumberg, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of myStockOptions.com joins us to cover a range of issues and year-end planning topics that impact employees and executives with stock compensation, including what’s new for year-end 2019 and year-beginning 2020, what's new on the revised 1040 tax form and potential confusion it presents for employees, important dates and tax rules applicable to gifts and donations of company stock, tax rules that confuse employees (netting of different types of income; the wash sale rule; performance shares: payout dates), preparing employees for the 1099-B for stock sales and cost basis reporting, and more.

Lessons Learned from a Global Share Plan Rollout

Implementing a global share plan can be a fantastic way to unite employee bases. Taking the time to understand how the decisions made from the top can snowball through the plan design and into its delivery, could make a huge difference to a successful execution. Join our webinar as our experts share the lessons they've learned as they’ve assisted organizations to rollout share plans on a global scale.

Don’t Go MAD: Lessons from the trenches on Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Change can be positive, but it is also often disruptive. Losing effective members of your management is one of those potential disruptions. The employee equity plans you offer can help. Join our webinar as our experts share the lessons they’ve learned about using equity incentives to help buy, sell or retain, a management team through a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

​ ​
The Annual ProShare SIP & SAYE Report - Findings from 2018

Over 10% of SAYE participants in 2018 contributed the maximum £500 per month, after plateauing around 5-6% since 2013. Do you want to know how you can harness this for your business? Then join our webinar for a fascinating insight into the findings from ProShare’s Annual SAYE & SIP Report. Along with taking a deep dive into the UK’s two flagship all-employee plans, the Report has evolved over the past two years to include gender-related participation breakdowns and industry-sector related data.

Measuring the Impact of Employee Equity Plans on Employee Engagement

Join this exciting look into measuring the impact of employee share plans on employee engagement. This panel will introduce the concepts surrounding employee engagement—from discussing how engagement can be classified to defining and measuring engagement, and with your participation, this session will take a deeper dive into what engagement should mean to you and your organization. Attendees will be asked to consider and discuss the role share-based awards play in effective employee engagement and will learn how engagement measures differ for broad-based to discretionary plans, how share plan awards can have a negative impact on engagement, how removing a share plan can affect employee engagement, and how employee equity plans can really unite a business.

Global Equity Insights Survey 2019 - Looking back to the future

Join us as we share the major findings from this year's Global Equity Insights Survey (GEIS) and take a look at the evolution of trends since the study's inception, along with the impact of regulatory changes. Find out how these findings should influence your HR and equity compensation strategies today and in the future. The GEIS is a leading global assessment of current market practice and trends in equity compensation across the world, now in its seventh year running.​

More than Half the Story: Why Fractional Shares Matter

Buying fractional shares—less than one share of company stock—under an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is not a new concept, but hasn’t been widely used in practice yet, partly because companies simply aren’t aware of the tremendous value that fractional shares can offer. With stock purchase programs going through a new era of appreciation and plenty of employees out there who want to participate in these plans, now is the perfect time to consider introducing fractional share purchases into your program. Find out why in this webcast.

From “Ordinary” to “Extraordinary”: Solving Your Participant Communications Challenges

Conventional ways often lead to conventional results—if you want to achieve different (better) results with your participant communications, you’ll need to think about new ways of communicating / ways to communicate differently. This session will cast a critical eye on the old and examine the opportunities for “different” with your participant communications. Panelists will provide examples and exchange ideas on the very best ways to get your participants attention immediately. From communicating change, to nurturing culture; from improving awareness to driving behavioral shifts, this session has it all and will guide organizations of all shapes, sizes and sectors to boost the impact of their internal communications. Leave with new ideas you’re excited about.

Equity Compensation – What You Need to (OR Should) Know for 2019

What’s next in the world of employee equity plans? Come find out in this informative session that will cover the latest hot topics in equity compensation.

​ ​
To Qualify or Not to Qualify

Employees everywhere are participating in varying types of stock purchase programs at companies large and small. But, how relevant is your plan today? Does it still represent a good value? Keeping on top of trends for broad-based stock purchase plan design is non-negotiable if you want to remain competitive. This insightful session will discuss these topics and more as panelists share data from Computershare’s most recent ESPP Design and Participation Analysis, provide examples and exchange ideas on how your organization can offer the most impactful and appropriate stock purchase plan benefits in today’s marketplace.

Don't Let Manual Process Drain Your Productivity

One of the single most beneficial things you can do for your department is to create scalable efficiencies for common processes to support your world-wide stock plans. From creating year-to-date multi-jurisdictional tax imports to managing more complex projects like payroll contributions for a global ESPP program to identifying mobile transactions for flagging for securing tax settlement/payroll reporting and withholding, these tasks take time and are prone to human error. If manual processes are draining your productivity, this session is for you! Join in to learn how to free up time, valuable talent and operating costs.

6039 Reporting: Time to Gear Up

If your company offers a 423B qualified ESPP or incentive stock options (ISO), Section 6039 of the internal revenue code requires additional tax reporting from your company at year-end. Find out what your obligations are, plus some handy tips on how to get it done with this informative, how-to webinar.

Design Your ESPP for the US and the World

This special double session will explore the various challenges when designing and operating an employee stock purchase plan (with data analytics to boot), with the first session focusing on general and U.S. specific issues and the second session focusing on non-U.S. issues.

SESSION I: ESPP - General and U.S. Issues.​ The first session will focus on general and U.S. challenges to offering a Section 423-compliant employee stock purchase plan, including design issues such as setting maximum share limits, defining eligible compensation, deciding whether to allow increases during offering periods, as well as operational issues such as managing the $25,000 limit, dealing with leaves of absence and reporting disqualifying (and qualifying") dispositions.

SESSION II: ESPP - Non-U.S. Issues. The second session will focus on non-U.S. challenges to offering an employee stock purchase plan (that is intended to be Section 423-compliant within the U.S.) outside the U.S., including design issues such as using a non-423 sub-plan versus separate offerings to allow for different treatment required under local laws as well as operational issues such as managing payroll deductions and conversions on a global basis, withholding taxes at purchase, dealing with mobile employees and deciding whether and how to offer the plan in particularly challenging jurisdictions such as the EU, China, Vietnam.​​

Bang for Your ESPP Buck: Maximizing Perceived Employee Value

With employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) back on the rise as a key broad-based compensation tool, companies are facing a tough question: How do we get the best value for the cost and effort it takes to run the plan? The answer lies in maximizing employees’ perceived value or how much worth they believe the plan brings to their total rewards package. You will take away practical examples of plan features that are likely to drive employee engagement and maximize your ROI.

Trends in Employee Equity Plans

What’s next in the world of employee equity plans? ​Come find out in this informative session that will look at the current state of affairs as well as the future of employee equity plans, both contributory and non-contributory.​

Cracking the Code on ESPP Payroll Management​

ESPP’s are both wonderful and woeful. Hear from a team of experienced professionals as they cover some of the challenges facing companies in global ESPP payroll management,  including the importance of identifying, implementing, and reviewing best practices. Get money, time, and sanity saving solutions in this very useful and practical session.

Why You Should Hav​e an ESPP

52 percent of public companies offer an employee stock purchase plan, or ESPP. This webinar is for the other 48 percent. Find out the many reasons why offering an ESPP can benefit your company as well as your company’s employees.

What to Know When Setting Up an ESPP​

There are many things to consider when launching an ESPP – design, taxes, communications. This webinar provides a primer on what you need to consider BEFORE your ESPP goes live.

Trends in ESPP Design​

ESPPs come in many flavors with many features. Which ones have the best results in terms of participation? Which ones are most favored by your industry? This webinar will answer these questions and more, drawing upon data culled from Computershare’s own client and participant ​base.