The Share Centre (TSC) is our new provider for Certificated and Corporate Sponsored Nominee dealing services

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to The Share Centre (TSC) who has replaced our previous providers TD Direct for Certificated and Corporate Sponsored Nominee dealing services. This is part of our ongoing program of change to bring new innovation to our clients.

TSC have been helping personal investors for 25 years and have over £3 billion of customer assets that they look after. They are committed to making investing in the stock market easy, whether online or by phone.

 So what's changing?

Pre-registration of holdings

available to certificated shareholders in advance of trading

Sale proceeds

can now be paid directly into UK bank accounts rather than cheque


can be funded by debit card

Corporate holders

are now able to use the service

Contract Notes and CREST Transfers

can be sent via email


These changes will make the trading process quick and easy and ensure that we are offering our clients’ shareholders the best possible service.

For more information on our new dealing services take a look at our dedicated website.