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Computershare Insider Management System (CIMS) is a secure, online solution which makes it easy to manage your insiders and comply with the increased regulatory requirements introduced through the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). ​​​​​​

CIMS Insider Portal screen shot

 How can CIMS help?

Centralise insider management

Centralise your insider lists in a single secure database. Utilise CIMS to comply with MAR by:

  • Following compliant report format
  • Tracking all insider information
  • Creating deal specific and permanent insider lists
  • Recording insider consent and acceptance of insider policies

Communicate at a moment's notice

The CIMS platform allows you to automate communications with your insiders through:

  • Customised templates
  • Insider status notifications
  • Insider trading window notifications

Stay ahead of reporting requirements

Comply with MAR reporting requirements through:

  • Auditable data tracking
  • Historic insider lists with an electronic record going back five years
  • Reports created in the correct format for your regulator

Easy for insiders to work effectively

Insiders have their own portal which allows them to:

  • Review and update their data
  • View insider status: permanent/deal specific
  • Accept/view new company policies
  • View trading windows
  • Record transactions
  • Access stock information and company announcements

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