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We want to build a strong, collaborative partnership with you. We offer a number of other services that build on, or complement, our share plan services.

  • Trustee Services

    Expert administration and accounting for employee share trusts. Build up a supply of shares for future awards and vestings.

  • Share Registry

    Maintaining shareholder registers for public companies, we’re the UK's number 1 Registrar as rated by Capital Analytics.

  • Corporate Actions

    From simple tender offers to complex M&A - and everything in between - we manage over 200 corporate actions every year.

  • Corporate Governance

    Entity management and board portal solutions. Making the Co Sec team’s lives easier.

  • Corporate Proxy

    Avoid surprises at your general meeting – we’ll help you develop a strategy to stay one step ahead.

  • Employee Benefits

    Offer your employees a tailored benefits package through our flexible platform.

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