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The challenge
Client reporting must fulfil a range of purposes, from detailing transaction costs to tax positions, but while a number of boxes must be ticked, many wealth managers seem to be missing the most important one of all: engaging clients in how their money is being run.


Consumer expectations are changing, as are the ways in which they want to interact. They want to choose what information they see, when they see it and to have it in the format that suits them. Regulatory client communications, which may have been perfectly acceptable in the past, are now looking dated as clients look for more succint solutions.

In a recent report Client Reporting - Regulatory Burden or Client Engagement Tool?, interviewees were asked:

Do you see enhanced reporting capabilities as a key way for wealth managers to attract and retain clients?
Barriers to change

Change fatigue, legacy systems, a perception of implementation issues, costs and reports being complex documents, stand as potential barriers to improved client reporting.

And yet the conclusion of this report was that client reporting stands as a neglected part of a wealth manager's offering. If improved it can make significant gains in client satisfaction, loyalty, wallet share and advocacy.

So how do you manage changing client expectations and regulatory change, in client reporting?

The solution

Whether you're a wealth manager or intermediary, we understand the challenges faced in generating client touchpoints and the relevance placed on this by the regulator.

Our solution gives our clients the best of both worlds. Our solution is designed so our clients can make changes to regulatory communications simply and efficiently, across an entire suit of documentation or ad-hoc communications and be output to any channel.

  • Our technology solution is bespoke to each client and their needs
  • Increased personalisation across a variety of communication channels - this may include content on progress against financial goals, relevant context on fund management strategy, explanation of fees or personalised video.
  • Managed service or self-serve - a scalable service to reflect the needs of our clients in delivering document change management.
  • Design and consultancy - a large in-house design team combined with industry thought leadership and significant experience in the Wealth Management sector; we can add real value to your end client communication strategy.
  • Regulatory experience - we have direct experience of working under multi-jurisdictional regulators on behalf of 10,000 companies worldwide to deliver timely and relevant client communications.

 Benefits of our service

  • Design
    Consultation, creation, design and delivery of multi-channel communications. We take your ideas or a simple brief and translate them into tangible communication products.
  • Change
    Changing images, charts, layout, pagination, frequency of output and content to an entire suite of templates or to a single client document can be done quickly and efficiently, either on a self-serve or as a managed service basis, giving you increased flexibility and greater control.

​Outsourcing non-core activities, such as client reporting, allows our wealth management clients to refocus on the core business of creating innovative investment strategies and offering high levels of client service, while maintaining the same direction of travel as the regulator.


Why Computershare?

As a global business we’ve grown through strategic acquisition. This in turn has meant we have developed an array of capabilities to manipulate, aggregate, recalculate and output clean data received from multiple existing sources. Our USP is that we don’t need our clients to plug in a new system or re-platform to make our solution work - we work with what’s already there and then pull in data to fill in the gaps. For some of our clients we are repurposing as much as 50% of the data received to get one clean data stream.

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