​​​​We can help you achieve better results throughout the customer lifecycle. From origination to collection, we'll improve the customer experience to help you lend more and collect more. 

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Increase conversion rates by reacting to customer demand

Customers expect convenience at the touch of a button and it’s no different when applying for a financial product. LEND will help you react to customer demand and make the application process quick and easy.​​​

Apply on any device

Customers can easily apply on a device that suits them

Partner ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem lets you integrate with credit bureaux, e-signature, ID validation, Open Banking and CRM providers


Make changes to your on-boarding process in days, not weeks

Minimal cost

Add new functionality at minimal cost

Easy to upsell

Our software makes it easy to upsell additional products

Improve your conversion rates

Lend more money and improve your conversation rates whilst managing your risk

Get in t​ouch to improve your application process today. 

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Collect debt in a digital, automated and cost-effective way

We all value the flexibility and convenience the latest technology offers us, so why should it be any different when managing our finances? Give your customers the tools to take ownership of their debt through our REPAY product.

REPAY is a fully automated digital repayment product that empowers your customers by allowing them to manage their debt and set up repayment plans at any time of the day or night.
By implementing REPAY you will also see significant cost savings, higher collection rates and reduced collection times due to the decrease of human intervention.

Automated communications

Automated communications to instantly engage with customers who have missed a payment

Online and mobile payment

Online and mobile payment options allow customers to make instant payments

Self-service tool

Our self-service I&E tool is SFS compliant and allows customers to easily input I&E data

Third party integration

Integrate with third parties for credit checks, fraud checks and ID verification

Electronically sign documents

Allows customers to electronically sign documents

Document storage

Store a copy of all documents for ongoing access and a clear audit trail

Open Banking Module

Open Banking integration to further automate the I&E process and get quicker decisions for customers

​​Get in t​ouch​​ and improve your debt strategy today. 

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