All your plan administration under one roof

Throughout the development and launch of your equity plan, we build a clear understanding of you, your plan and your business objectives. But this is only the beginning of your journey.
We’ll appoint a dedicated client manager to give you expert support for the life of your plan. Your client manager will be your primary point of contact with us and will ensure everything we do for you is delivered seamlessly.
Record-keeping is at the centre of everything we do for you. Yes, we know it isn’t flashy, but it is really important that we keep all your plan data accurate and up to date. This makes it easy for you to create reports for your management information, financial reporting, tax and regulatory requirements. We currently manage 170m+ participant records, so we’ve proven our processes work time and again.

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​Managing payroll and withholding tax

We’ll work directly with your payroll teams to coordinate payroll deductions and plan contributions. We can calculate withholding tax when employees sell shares and route the funds back to you.


Managing insiders and leavers

Your insiders or PDMRs (Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities) will be restricted from trading at certain points in your calendar. We enforce these blackout periods for you. We’ll also help participants understand their options when they leave.


Compliant solutions to hold and trade shares

Post-vesting, participants may choose to hold onto their shares. Our global nominee service gives you a compliant solution for any jurisdiction where you have participants. Participants hold shares in dematerialised form and can trade in real-time via their usual online account.


Supporting meetings and dividends

Depending on your plan design, participants may be able to vote at your general meetings and receive dividends. We’ll manage these events end-to-end, including all communications, votes, payments and reinvestments.​


Delivering award-winning plans

Certainty for all your plan events


There will be a number of events through the life of your plan, depending on your plan type. An event typically takes the form of an award of shares or options, a vesting, an enrolment window and a maturity. These are the times ​when your share plan is most visible, so you need certainty that they will run like clockwork.

This is why we appoint one of our project delivery managers to own your plan events from beginning to end. They work in tandem with your client manager, whilst you relax in the knowledge that all tasks - such as share dealing, stock transfers and employee communications – are in safe hands.​​​


Experts in share plan administration

In a typical year, we manage more than:

1500total plan events
700discretionary plan awards and vestings
500all-employee plan enrolments and maturities


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