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Working at the Netherlands' office means being part of a challenging and dynamic team.
Our location in Rotterdam is positioned in the city centre, overlooking the banks of the river Maas, from where we lead our operations throughout all parts of the Netherlands.

We service most of the AEX and AMX companies in the Netherlands for Shareholder Meeting Services, Shareholder ID and Proxy Solicitation. With the expectation to meet our clients needs we operate from our Rotterdam and London office to service our clients in a timely manner. Together with our clients we develop a clear strategy to engage with their shareholders towards their upcoming AGM.

Our clients are from a variety of business sectors, which means that we are expected to meet their needs relative to their specific line of work. Our job is not only to offer our services, but also to implement them in our clients' specific corporate governance environment. Meeting our clients with a flexible and effective mind-set is the goal of everyone in the office.​

 What our colleagues around the world have to say

Tyler Haynes > Manager
“I’m amazed by the amount of business knowledge that I’ve developed over the years and how it has been essential to my ability to grow and develop at Computershare. Effective problem-solving and critical thinking skills have enabled me to gain greater exposure to strategic initiatives and work with the company’s senior leaders.”
Wendy Yan > Assistant Vice President, Plan Managers
"The diversity of business exposure and practical experience has empowered me to pursue continuous growth and development. There’s a fantastic team culture with a great open-office environment and it is a pleasure working with a fun and dynamic team here."
Ben Lloyd > Strategic Solutions Manager
"Computershare's quite a big company but it feels small. It's very friendly and down to earth, I think that stems from its Australian roots. No one's too senior to have a chat, no one's locked away in an office."

Live Well. Be Well.

Our complete benefits package created with you in mind.

 Encouraging a healthy, balanced life

We offer a complete benefits package that includes options designed to allow you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Centered on health, wellness and investing in your future, we aim to provide for your overall personal, financial and professional well-being.​

 Our Commitment to Diversity

We expect a lot from our employees, and we rely on them to protect and grow our business. Our employees trust us to properly recognize their diverse talents. We are committed to honoring that trust. Our philosophy on diversity is a practical one. It simply makes good business sense to leverage the diverse skills and talents of our entire global workforce regardless of gender, age, race, origin, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

We believe that we should hire, develop, reward, promote and retain our people strictly on the basis of their talent and commitment and the results they achieve. We will never recruit or promote anything other than the basis of merit, competence and potential. Our approach to diversity is underpinned by practical objectives to ensure that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their talent, commitment and results.