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​Computershare Plan Managers is the largest global provider of employee equity administration solutions with over 35 years of experience in 190 countries. You can count on us for one-stop solutions, from integrated share issuance or purchasing; data management and plan control; to brokerage support.​

170 countries
1500 corporate clients
4700000 scheme participants

What can a well-managed employee share plan achieve?

  • Attract the best talent in the market place
  • Engage your best employees for longer
  • Align employee interests with your company goals
  • Reward those who have helped you grow your company

Plan administration is no easy job!

See how our one-stop plan management capability streamlines the integration of Transfer Agents/Share Registrar, DR Banks, Trustee and Brokerage for you.

We support various  types of share plan:
global and country-specific, discretionary and all-employees

Share Option Scheme
Share Award Scheme
Restricted Shares/Restricted Share Units Plan
Performance Shares Plan
Employee Share Purchase Plan/ Matching Shares Scheme

Why choose Computersha​r​e? Your plans are in safe hands.


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