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Close your transactions quickly.

Your needs. Your timeline.

Our distinctive approach to escrows has helped mergers and acquisitions, subscription offerings, litigation settlements and other matters move forward quickly. Every escrow transaction is different and to ensure a smooth deal we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Our team of experienced escrow professionals keeps our contract revisions limited and the KYC ("know your customer") process simple, so that you can close your deal quickly and accurately. Use your escrow agreement or ours; we will work with you to finalize the agreement to meet your timeline.

  • Set up an escrow arrangement that meets your timeline
    Timely closings are the key. We have a range of standard templates in English and Chinese which can be customised to meet your needs.
  • Reduced risk and complexity
    We act as an independent party to the transactions to ensure fairness and transparency. Since 1999, our operations team have continuously maintained ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Simplified Subscription Escrow
    We offer a special advantage to our registry clients: the processing of stock issuances from escrow accounts is much simpler, as there is no need to coordinate between multiple entities.
  • Established provider with cross-border experience
    Each escrow account is monitored by an experienced team who are familiar with the relevant AML regulations and KYC/CDD requirements.
    Our global presence means that we are there for you, anywhere, anytime.

Computershare in Asia

​With more than 45 years of experience servicing capital markets in Hong Kong, Computershare offers a comprehensive suite of services and leading-edge technology platforms that help over 900 issuers manage more than two million shareholder records.

In Hong Kong, Computershare undertakes high volumes of transactional processing, including some of the most complex transactions. Computershare also manages stakeholder communications on behalf of issuers. Since 2009, we have been providing trustee services to issuers in Asia. In 2018, we helped
85 % of capital raised through IPOs in the Hong Kong market
26 million payments processed
87 billion US dollars in dividends distributed

Client testimonial

“I was impressed with Computershare’s responsiveness and the simplicity of their KYC process. Computershare truly exceeded my expectations.”

– Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, US

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