​Strength through diversity​ 

We believe that diversity is a vitally important source of strength for our company. The more we value and draw upon different perspectives, the better equipped we'll be to solve the challenges of a constantly evolving business environment, and to fulfil the expectations of our customers around the world.

Our global team of champions are working to a strategy which values the differences people bring to the workplace, and provides a fair opportunity for everyone to succeed.


 Supporting the future

Computershare is proud to support International Women's Day, held annually on 8 March. Celebrating the achievements of women in our workplace helps us work towards our Diversity and Inclusion objectives, and gives our people the opportunity to attend talks, webinars and networking events.​

Our Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups are a safe space for employee-led discussion on important topics, help to reinforce a culture of inclusion and give our people a forum to help shape our approach to D&I.

Black Leadership Group
The mission of our employee-led Black Leadership Group is to foster a more inclusive culture and increase representation of black professionals at Computershare through meaningful dialogue. We are focused on helping our black employees to grow and develop their careers as leaders in our business by offering more opportunities for professional development, leadership, networking, training, mentorship and sponsorship.
Women4Women Network
Our Women4Women network fosters gender diversity by cultivating opportunities. It brings together people from across our business to provide valuable mentorship, share knowledge, and help our employees support and empower each other, developing our female leaders of the future.
Purple Pride
Our Purple Pride group creates a safe space for internal discussion and support for Computershare LGBTQ+ staff and supporters, helping to enhance representation across the company. This group provides resources related to LGBTQ+ issues and supports the company's inclusive practices to facilitate positive change, providing a platform to be heard, accepted and empowered in the workplace.
Ability Resource Group
Computershare’s Ability Resource Group is a place for people to come together to support one another, share experiences on their disabilities, and how they thrive and overcome struggles in their day-to-day life. The Ability Resource Group is a support network for members and supporters and will act as a resource to Computershare.

Global Partnerships

We partner with organisations across the world to support and improve awareness of diversity and inclusion across our organisation, as well as offering our employees resources to help gain a broader understanding of what diversity is and how it impacts our daily lives.

Disability Confident Employer CCDI Diversity council Australia

Solaris Black & Minority Ethnic inclusive employers

30% Club

We are proud to be part of the 30% Club, launched with the goal of seeing women take up 30% or more of the positions on FTSE-100 boards. As we’re listed in Australia, we joined our local chapter and are proud to have met, and then exceeded, that 30% target.

To find out more, read our Diversity & Inclusion policy