On 20 November 2018...

33 Computershare employees from the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Barcelona, Denmark, Madrid, Munich, Rotterdam, Stockholm and South Africa came together for Trek Nepal 2018.

Their aim was to raise £140,000 (AUD $250,000) for Computershare’s global charity Change a Life which supports the World Youth International School in Gokarna, Nepal. 

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​The team exceeded their fundraising target, and the final amount raised on Trek Nepal 2018 was over £160,000 (AUD $290,000). These funds went towards the construction of a boarding home on the WYI school campus for senior students.


Construction plans for the boarding home


Change A Life is also funding the construction of four new classrooms where senior subjects will be taught. Construction began on these classrooms in March 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Year 11 classes will then be able to commence in 2020, and year 12 in 2021.

Funds also go towards:

      >  Making significant improvements to classrooms and other facilities

      >  Supporting teacher training to improve educational standards at the school

      >  Providing scholarships to students in particular need

The trek was an incredible experience for our staff who bonded over sore feet, missed flights and heavy backpacks. They worked together to overcome obstacles and reach their goal as a team.

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