As part of Computershare’s ongoing efforts to minimise our already small impact on the environment, we have set reduction targets at our key sites around the world covering general waste, electricity, natural gas and water (where data is available). You can view our progress in these areas via the following links:

2017-18 targets

2019-20 targets

 2017-18 targets

Our first set of 5-year sustainability targets were set at four key premises – Yarra Falls in Melbourne, Australia; East Beaver Creek near Toronto in Canada; Burr Ridge near Chicago in the US; and The Pavilions in Bristol, UK.
Our facility in Burr Ridge relocated to new premises in FY16 and is no longer included in this set of targets.

 Melbourne, Australia

  • Target not met
    Baseline: 6.9kg/FTE
    FY17: 7.6kg/FTE
    Target: 5.9kg/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 335kWh/FTE
    FY17: 301kWh/FTE
    Target: 285kWh/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 207mJ/FTE
    FY17: 255mJ/FTE
    Target: 187mJ/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 0.9kl/FTE
    FY17: 0.6kl/FTE
    Target: 0.4kl/FTE

 Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Target met
    Baseline: 7.8kg/FTE
    FY17: 1.8kg/FTE
    Target: 6.8kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 405kWh/FTE
    FY17: 298kWh/FTE
    Target: 355kWh/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 301mJ/FTE
    FY17: 172mJ/FTE
    Target: 281mJ/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 0.8kl/FTE
    FY17: 0.5kl/FTE
    Target: 0.3kl/FTE

 East Beaver Creek, Canada

  • Target met
    Baseline: 10.3kg/FTE
    FY17: 9.2kg/FTE
    Target: 9.3kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 561kWh/FTE
    FY17: 441kWh/FTE
    Target: 511kWh/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 866mJ/FTE
    FY17: 1466mJ/FTE
    Target: 846mJ/FTE
  • Target not met
    Baseline: 1.3kl/FTE
    FY17: 1.2kl/FTE
    Target: 0.8kl/FTE

 Burr Ridge, USA (office has relocated)

  • Target met
    Baseline: 6.3kg/FTE
    FY16: 4.6kg/FTE
    Target: 5.3kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 775kWh/FTE
    FY17: 568kWh/FTE
    Target: 725kWh/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 1031mJ/FTE
    FY17: 584mJ/FTE
    Target: 1011mJ/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 2.2kl/FTE
    FY17: 1.2kl/FTE
    Target: 1.7kl/FTE

 2019-20 targets

​In FY2015 we implemented our second phase of 5-year reduction targets in Canton in Massachusetts, USA; Munch in Germany; Auckland in New Zealand; and Hong Kong.
Our office in Munich relocated to new offices in FY2016 and is no longer included in this set of targets.

 Canton, USA

 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Target met
    Baseline: 234kWh/FTE
    FY17: 176kWh/FTE
    Target: 308kWh/FTE

 Hong Kong

  • Target met
    Baseline: 43kWh/FTE
    FY17: 37kWh/FTE
    Target: 41kWh/FTE

 Munich, Germany (office has relocated)​​

  • Target met
    Baseline: 282kWh/FTE
    FY16: 133kWh/FTE
    Target: 254kWh/FTE