As part of Computershare’s ongoing efforts to minimise our already small impact on the environment, we have set reduction targets at our key sites around the world covering general waste, electricity, natural gas and water (where data is available). You can view our progress in these areas via the following links:

2017-18 targets

2019-20 tar​gets

2021-22 targets

 Our sustainability targets are set in the following areas:

  • Waste
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water

FY2018 Targets

We met 9 of our 16 sustainability targets across our largest offices which were due in FY2018. Importantly, it should be noted the targets were set in 2012 and were the first sustainability targets we attempted to set.

Even where we didn’t meet the targets, we made substantial progress in all areas of gas, electricity and water consumption as well as waste reduction.

Over the past five years ​​we’ve reviewed and improved our carbon footprint knowledge, target setting and reporting to ensure we better reflect improvements around environmental sustainability.

​Changes include:

› Setting targets for electricity and gas consumption against an office’s size (m2), rather than full time equivalent (FTE)
› Setting all reduction targets as a percentage decrease rather than a set amount i.e. 0.5kl per FTE
› Tailoring targets to individual offices, taking into account where locations have already made large improvements to ensure the targets are realistic and achievable

We’ve adopted these improvements in our latest set of targets and will continue to review them as we set future reduction targets.

Our office in Burr Ridge relocated in 2016.​


 Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Target met
    Baseline: 7.8kg/FTE
    FY18: 1.3kg/FTE
    Target: 6.8kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 405kWh/FTE
    FY18: 310kWh/FTE
    Target: 355kWh/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 301mJ/FTE
    FY18: 171mJ/FTE
    Target: 281mJ/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 0.8kl/FTE
    FY18: 0.6kl/FTE
    Target: 0.3kl/FTE

 East Beaver Creek, Canada

  • Target met
    Baseline: 10.3kg/FTE
    FY18: 6.4kg/FTE
    Target: 9.3kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 561kWh/FTE
    FY18: 416kWh/FTE
    Target: 511kWh/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 866mJ/FTE
    FY18: 1760mJ/FTE
    Target: 846mJ/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 1.3kl/FTE
    FY17: 1.1kl/FTE
    Target: 0.8kl/FTE

 Burr Ridge, USA (office has now relocated)

  • Target met
    Baseline: 6.3kg/FTE
    FY16: 4.6kg/FTE
    Target: 5.3kg/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 775kWh/FTE
    FY16: 568kWh/FTE
    Target: 725kWh/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 1031mJ/FTE
    FY16: 584mJ/FTE
    Target: 1011mJ/FTE
  • Target met
    Baseline: 2.2kl/FTE
    FY16: 1.2kl/FTE
    Target: 1.7kl/FTE

 Melbourne, Australia

  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 6.9kg/FTE
    FY18: 8.5kg/FTE
    Target: 5.9kg/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 335kWh/FTE
    FY18: 318kWh/FTE
    Target: 285kWh/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 207mJ/FTE
    FY18: 298mJ/FTE
    Target: 187mJ/FTE
  • Target not yet met
    Baseline: 0.9kl/FTE
    FY18: 0.6kl/FTE
    Target: 0.4kl/FTE

FY2020 Targets - with two years to go

In FY2015 we implemented our second phase of 5-year reduction targets in Canton in Massachusetts, USA; Munich in Germany; Auckland in New Zealand; and Hong Kong.

We’ve already met half of our reduction targets for FY2020, with Hong Kong now within 0.3kwh/FTE of its target. Our targets in Canton have been affected by recent changes in headcount, as targets are linked to the office’s FTE​.

Our office in Munich relocated to new offices in FY2017. We set new targets for this office in FY2018.​

 Auckland, New Zealand

  • On target
    Baseline: 287kWh/FTE
    FY18: 128kWh/FTE
    Target: 308kWh/FTE

 Canton, USA

 Hong Kong

  • In progress
    Baseline: 43kWh/FTE
    FY18: 40.9kWh/FTE
    Target: 40.7kWh/FTE

 Munich, Germany (office has relocated)​​

  • Target met
    Baseline: 282kWh/FTE
    FY16: 133kWh/FTE
    Target: 254kWh/FTE

FY2022 Targets - with four years to go

During FY2018 we introduced new targets at four of our locations in the UK and set a new target for our office in Munich, which relocated during FY2017.​


 Doxford, UK

  • In progress
    Baseline: 12.8kWh/SQM
    FY18: 14.4kWh/SQM
    Target: 12.2kWh/SQM
  • In progress
    Baseline: 32.1mJ/SQM
    FY18: 46.9mJ/SQM
    Target: 30.5mJ/SQM

 Crossflatts, UK

  • In progress
    Baseline: 13.5kWh/SQM
    FY18: 13.1kWh/SQM
    Target: 12.9kWh/SQM
  • In progress
    Baseline: 17.8mJ/SQM
    FY18: 23.9mJ/SQM
    Target: 16.9mJ/SQM

 Halifax, UK

  • On target
    Baseline: 3.5kWh/SQM
    FY18: 2.8kWh/SQM
    Target: 3.3kWh/SQM

 Munich, Germany (new office)

  • In progress
    Baseline: 5.2kWh/SQM
    FY18: 5.2kWh/SQM
    Target: 4.9kWh/SQM

 Skipton, UK

  • In progress
    Baseline: 23.8kWh/SQM
    FY18: 24.2kWh/SQM
    Target: 22.6kWh/SQM
  • In progress
    Baseline: 13.9mJ/SQM
    FY18: 16.5mJ/SQM
    Target: 13.2mJ/SQM