World Youth International (WYI)​ was chosen as our primary global Change A Life partner in 2017, selected by our employees through a company-wide vote.

Computershare's Change A Life charity has made a five-year commitment to support the WYI school in Gokarna, Nepal. This school opened in 1999​ to offer education from primary school through to Year 10. It started with only 24 students but has grown to have an annual enrolment of more than 550 students now and is recognised as one of Nepal's leading educational institutions. The school is run by Nepalese teachers and staff, with leadership and support provided by WYI.

Our funding commitment to the WYI school in Gokarna is over AUD 1.3 million through 2022, and has been targeted to extend classes into Year 11 and 12, to make significant improvements to classrooms and other facilities, and to support teacher training to improve educational standards at the school.

In addition, a team of 35 Computershare staff from the UK, Channel Islands and Europe have committed to undertake the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, and by so doing to raise £140,000 towards a special project: the construction of a hostel allowing year 11 and 12 students to live on campus and attend the WYI school. This will extend the educational opportunities for prospective students in remote areas that would otherwise have difficulty making the journey to school each day. Further information about Computershare's Trek Nepal 2018 can be found here​​.​

 Highlights for FY2018

  • WYI School - Library renovation
    Upgrades to the school library and science lab
    The school library has been renovated and increased in size, and new shelves, furniture and books have been ordered. The science laboratory has also been renovated, and new class furniture, storage racks and lab equipment have been purchased.
  • WYI School Nepal
    Scholarship programme created
    We have awarded five-year scholarships to 14 female students from impoverished families to enable them to complete their schooling to the end of Year 12
  • Improvement to WYI School Nepal - access road
    Upgraded school access road
    The entrance road to the school has been upgraded to make it possible for vehicles to access the school, with retaining walls and drainage to keep it accessible during the wet season.
  • Teacher training
    A training programme has been instituted to help improve the skills of teachers who have taken up the role without formal qualifications

 Meet students and staff at the WYI school

Sumitra Nepali

After losing their parents when she was young, Sumitra and her brother lived in the Sapana Dreaming Children’s Home while studying at the WYI School. Sumitra completed her schooling in 2014 with outstanding results, and continued with her studies after school. She completed higher secondary (the final two years of secondary school) and is now studying a bachelor’s degree at Orient College in Kathmandu. While studying, Sumitra is also working at IAE Global, assisting students with accessing opportunities for studying abroad.

Sumitra is an intelligent, confident and enthusiastic young woman with many opportunities available to her. This can be attributed to the quality of education she received at the WYI School and through the loving home provided to her and her brother at Sapana Children’s Dreaming Home.

Bina Shrestha

Bina was enrolled at the WYI School as a sponsored child at the age of three. Her family was struggling financially and would not have been able to provide her with an education if she had not been sponsored to attend school. She completed her school leaving certificate in 2013 and achieved 87% in her final exam, which is an exceptional result. Bina’s hard work and dedication to her studies enabled her to enroll in nursing college. She has now completed her studies and is working as a nurse at the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Gokarna.

Bina has a fantastic outlook on life and through receiving a quality education, now has a much greater quality of life and is able to support herself and her family financially.

Radha Uprety

Radha is the Chairperson at the World Youth International School in Gokarna, Nepal. The benefits of her leadership, guidance and support can be seen in the community, school and the outcomes of students at the school.

Radha has been a flag-bearer for women’s empowerment in Nepal, she is a role model for female students as and the women of the Gokarna community. She has urged for a greater gender balance and has pushed for more female teachers and students at the school. She is seen by the students and teachers of the school, and the women in the community as a true example of what a woman can achieve. Radha encourages, supports and guides girls to break stereotypes and to push themselves to achieve great things.