As the coronavirus (COVID-19) global health issue continues to evolve, Computershare would like to share our efforts to manage these events and mitigate potential impacts to our operations. We take our operational resilience seriously and can assure you that we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our staff and others — as well as prevent any effect on our services:

  • We have well-developed plans for dealing with incidents, including sickness and pandemics
  • We have implemented our pandemic plans and relevant areas of our business continuity plans
  • We have activated alternative working arrangements depending on local developments, including:
    • Remote teleworking
    • Transfer of work to alternate location
    • Social distancing and self-quarantine guidelines
    • Ban on corporate travel
    • Continual staff communication and awareness
  • We are taking sensible precautions, including preventing business travel (including domestic and inter-office travel) and enforcing quarantine periods for those who may have undertaken personal travel to an affected area
  • In addition, our global and regional business continuity teams have:
    • Been conducting a series of calls, including members of the regional and global management team to plan our response, to coordinate a consistent regional and global response based on local need
    • Issued incident management alerts to our managers regionally and globally, including information on the illness and on matters relating to facilities, communications, people/human resources, the media, risk and IT
    • Conducted a review of our vendors and supply lines, including their own responses to the issue

We have been able to adapt our working practices to keep disruption to the services we provide to a minimum – having staff in 20 countries allows to manage workload across locations.

We're taking this situation very seriously, and will provide any additional updates as needed as events continue to unfold.