​As a global corporation, we represent services that we can be proud of. The reason for our success?
Above all, it is our employees, whose hard work produces outstanding results and constant growth.
In return, we have a few things to offer at Computershare as well – our extensive creative freedom, diverse prospects and career opportunities speak for themselves. Not only that, but there are some very persuasive reasons to choose Computershare for the next step in your career:
Committed to the environment
At Computershare, we take our responsibility to our environment seriously and are committed to environmentally conscious action. For example, we are reducing printing and postal deliveries, while we encourage environmental awareness among our employees and are dedicated to a range of projects that measure our ecological footprint. As a result, we already have a long history of environmental initiatives.
Team spirit and cooperation
Our working environment is complex and our high standards are best met in a well-functioning team in which all employees can put their expertise to good use wherever it is needed. Our culture of open, fair and direct communication gains an additional boost from our distinct open-door policy.
Change a Life charity programme
With our Change a Life charity programme, we have been involved in the global struggle against hunger and poverty since 1995. We are currently supporting undertakings including the establishment of a mobile eye clinic in Ethiopia, a natural regeneration project managed by farmers in Chad and many other ventures.
Space for new ideas
Working at Computershare means taking responsibility and thus making your own decisions about your own actions. That means that as an employee, you're given plenty of space to make your work your own and to apply your expertise where it's needed.
A place for individuality and diversity
Diversity is a fundamental part of company policy at Computershare. We assess our employees on the basis of their skills and performance, entirely irrespective of regional, social or ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation.
Performance-focused corporate culture
In order to keep achieving the best possible results in our work, we are committed to constant development and improvement. At our company, no process stays the same just because it's traditional – in fact, we work in a culture that's open to innovative ideas. All our employees are expected to progress regularly as well, and we encourage this by means of annual appraisals in which we look back on performance and results and work together to define new targets.
We are a real global player and distinguish ourselves through an international working atmosphere which regularly yields exciting and new fields of activities. As an employee at Computershare you will steadily take on responsibility for tasks and projects with colleagues from different continents and meet with them in virtual meetings.


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