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From its inception in 1987, Computershare, through its predecessor companies, has served as the exclusive central payor and transfer agent (CPTA) for the National Housing act's (NHA) mortgage-backed securities program – the only such program in Canada. We have since issued in excess of 13,000 mortgages pools in Canada.

With a securitized portfolio of more than $679 billion and over $1.8 trillion in outstanding debt under administration, Computershare has an unparalleled experience base for trustee and agency services in the Canadian securitization market.

With a warehouse of more than 250,000 mortgages valued at over $170 billion, Computershare is the largest Title Custodian service provider in the Canadian MBS industry.

Comprehensive MBS Experience

Integrated and comprehensive CPTA services to all mortgage-backed securities issuers, investors and interested third parties. These include:

  • Secure document custody
  • Web based pool trading data reports
  • Web-based pool payment analysis and pre-payment/liquidation
  • Historical pool payment and trading factor information
  • Early maturities report
  • New issues report

Other Roles we play:

  • Custodian of documents and data relating to the pooled loans and issuers, on CMHC's behalf, for the life of the pools.
  • Title Custodian of mortgages.
  • Indenture Trustee for Canada Mortgage Bonds Program.
  • Custodian of the trust assets for Canada Housing Trust no. 1.


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A global industry leader with over $1.9 trillion of debt under administration and over $14.2 billion in assets under administration, Computershare’s product expertise dates back to 1889 with our predecessor companies and includes comprehensive support services through our leading-edge technology platform.

With decades of experience as corporate trustee, we offer Corporate Trust Services that are efficient solutions to our clients’ unique and emerging needs. We facilitate transactions through our Canadian offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal; our US offices in New York, Boston, Cleveland and Denver, as well as our Asia office in Hong Kong.

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