​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How do I begin an unclaimed property search?​​​​​​​

Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec maintain searchable public databases of unclaimed property information for current and former ​residents. If you believe you or someone upon whose behalf you are acting has unclaimed property, please visit the relevant link(s) below:


Additionally, we maintain a BC Unclaimed Property Database containing assets held for current and former securityholders whose last known addresses were in British Columbia.

BC Unclaimed Property Database​

How do I claim property held by Computershare?​

If you wish to make a claim for unclaimed property held by Computershare for you or someone on whose behalf you legally act, please:

    1. Print the Unclaimed Property Claim Form​
    2. Complete the form and prepare the required documentation requested thereon as proof of ownership.
    3. If you are a legal representative acting on behalf of the property owner, legal documentation demonstrating your authority must be provided with the form and proof of ownership. Please refer to the Appendix for Proof of Appointment when completing the form.
    4. Return the completed form along with the required documentation to:

      Computershare Investor Services
      Attn: Unclaimed Property​
      100 University Avenue, 8th Floor
      Toronto ON, M5J 2Y1

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to review the claim and provide a reply. If you have any questions regarding completion of the form, please call our National Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-564-6253.​


 FAQ Regarding Unclaimed Property

​Unclaimed Property is an entitlement of some kind (money or securities) that is payable to an owner but, for some reason, has not yet been claimed and is still held by Computershare. Most of the unclaimed property we hold is a result of uncashed dividend and interest payment cheques or payments held because the owner's address of record is no longer valid. Certain property is considered unclaimed after a specified period of inactivity, or where the owner has had no contact with Computershare, after a specified period of time. The time period is governed by applicable provincial law.  

​No, currently unclaimed property legislation is only applicable to unclaimed property held for owners resident in, or whose last known address was in, Quebec, Alberta or British Columbia.

​Computershare Trust Company of Canada and its affiliates ("Computershare") acts as transfer agent and registrar for many corporations and other issuers of securities. We also administer employee share purchase plans and other equity compensation programs and provide trust services. In providing these services, we issue securities and payments on behalf of issuers where sometimes the securities or payments become unclaimed. We are required by unclaimed property legislation to search for owners of unclaimed property using reasonable measures and to send account owners a notice about the property. The intention of the notice is to verify that the address on record is still valid for the account owner or that a new address found via a search is correct, so we can reunite the owner with their property.​

​Unless we reunite the owner with their unclaimed property, it will be treated as abandoned and, in accordance with applicable laws, may be turned over to the appropriate governmental authority. Once payments or securities are turned over to the province, you may contact the province to claim the property. ​


Province of Owner’s Last Known Address
Notice Mailed to Unclaimed Property Owners
Property Remittance
Annually within the last three months of the year to each account owner with unclaimed property. Properties that remain unclaimed are remitted to Alberta in April the following year.
British Columbia
Semi-annually in June and December to each account owner with unclaimed property.None. We retain it at Computershare.
Annually within the last 3 months of the year to each account owner with unclaimed property.Properties that remain unclaimed are remitted to Quebec in March the following year.​

​​​​​Province of Owner’s Last Known Address​​
Period of Time Required to Become Unclaimed
​Value of Property
5 years from the date of entitlement (e.g. the date that a dividend cheque was issued to you)  ​Computershare is required to remit unclaimed property valued at $250 or more.
​British Columbia
3 years from the date of entitlement (e.g. the date that a dividend cheque or securities certificate was issued to you) or, for a cheque returned in the mail, the date of its return. ​Computershare is required to mail a Notice to owners whose property is valued at $200 or more. We are not required to remit the property.
3 years from the date of entitlement (e.g. the date that a dividend cheque was issued to you). ​Computershare is required to remit unclaimed property of any value.​