Your directors are the face of the company at your AGM. So, it stands to reason that they must be prepared to handle any situation that arises. It is integral that your directors, regardless of where they are located, are all on the same page in the lead up to, and on the day of, your AGM.

Some of the ways you can prepare your stakeholders are as follows:

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    Work with them to develop a script for the event, to ensure everyone is on the same page

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    Rehearse with everyone dialling in and using the technology, as they would on the day. Ensure they are comfortable and familiar with the online environment and process

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    Have individual conversations with your board members to ensure any and all of their questions and concerns are answered, and to reaffirm the importance of them sticking to the script throughout the event

Some companies are choosing to have their chairman pre-record the opening address, so it can be delivered seamlessly on the day.This helps to mitigate risks with poor audio quality and can help improve the shareholder experience.


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