​​​The right combination of market expertise, technological depth and operational excellence is necessary for your utilities business to meet the needs of your customers. Computershare Utility Services (formerly Serviceworks Management) was established to support the growth of utility providers ​across the competitive and non-competitive energy markets, monopolised water market and emerging commercial and industrial market. ​

Optimising the customer journey for water retailers
Today's water customers expect the same standard of service that they receive from other essential service providers. Computershare understands the importance of optimising the customer journey for water retailers and have the proven experience to bring this to life. Both in Australia and internationally, Computershare delivers win-win outcomes, where water retailers reduce their cost-to-serve and improve customer experiences simultaneously. ​

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The right tools for the Residential & Small to Medium Enterprise energy markets

From onboarding through to ongoing management of front and back office services, customers in the residential and small to medium enterprise (SME) energy markets expect consistently high levels of service. When customers are empowered to self-serve and when frontline staff are equipped to take great care of your customers, the process becomes seamlessly efficient. Computershare partners with energy retailers across Australia to manage their ongoing front office customer service functions and back office meter-to-cash services in collaboration with their chosen billing system vendor. With onshore and global service models, cost to serve is optimised while customer satisfaction remains paramount.​

Meeting the complex needs of Commercial and Industrial providers
Retailers providing energy to large commercial and industrial end-users have complex and bespoke needs. Precise billing is imperative to support your business’ need for stable cash flow. Computershare back office systems are designed to go beyond these basic needs. Our tools provide transparency and flexibility to ensure the right data can be accessed at different levels of your organisation. The delivery of daily reads through online portals support timely decision-making and lowers the risk of unexpected, end-of-month bill fluctuations.
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