​We're all adjusting to different ways of operating as a result of the global pandemic. While the world is figuring out how to operate under uncertain circumstances, we understand you need to find a way to minimise disruptions and deliver a seamless AGM for your shareholders.
You're not alone in seeking help to make your AGM a success. Here are six steps you can take to help ensure your next AGM goes off without a hitch.

1. Stay connected

As we explore new ways of working, managing risk means carefully evaluating information from trusted sources. When it comes to annual meeting and proxy season planning, seek trusted advisors with AGM experience. Computershare manages thousands of AGMs globally each year so we can help you simplify the most complex meeting plans.

2. Safeguard your stakeholders

If the events of the last 12 months have proven anything, it's that you need to have a contingency plan. Health and safety guidance and regulation have led many companies to embrace digital communications and hybrid or virtual meetings as a way to avoid large gatherings. Moving forward, what will your contingency plan be? Computershare can help you decide the best approach for your business.

3. Switch to a hybrid or virtual shareholder meeting

Hybrid meeting technology can make your online event feel just like a physical one, for shareholders who cannot attend due to geographical location or ill health. You and your team will be able to control access, validate attendees, allow shareholders to vote, establish separate communication lines for shareholder proposals if necessary, privately manage interactive Q&A sessions and more. Computershare will make the switch easy for you. We advise you to check your company’s constitution regarding hybrid and virtual meeting solutions.

4. Get the support you need

In this ever changing landscape, more variables and unknowns need to be considered in your planning process. It may seem that there are more questions than answers, so it will ease some of your burden to know that Computershare that can equip you with everything from sample language for proxy materials and shareholder announcements, to filing guidance and full on-the-day meeting support.

5. Take advantage of digital communication options

Positive shareholder experiences increasingly require modern, digital technologies to reach younger investors. Computershare enables your company to meet the needs of all your shareholders – wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient for them. Take advantage of our digital engagement options to increase participation and proxy voting for your next AGM.

6. Come together

Now, more than ever, cross-functional collaboration is not only beneficial – but crucial to success. Connecting your internal colleagues and external partners can help you get a comprehensive view of your AGM plan. Will you need to consult your technology team regarding hybrid or virtual meeting enhancements? Have you connected with your IR team to communicate this to your investors? Are you asking your advisory team how your largest investors and the proxy advisors will react? How are you managing expectations and communicating with your board? Your hybrid or virtual meeting partner will also help bring together stakeholders and considerations for a successful AGM.

Your next AGM

As we embark on this journey into uncharted territory, remember Computershare is here to help you through the turbulent times. We're here for you to offer clarity, support and proven expertise to help your next AGM run smoothly and successfully.

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