​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Are you a mortgage servicer, lender or investor? Our suite of mortgage solutions offers real estate valuations, market data and analysis, and technology solutions. With a nationwide network of more than 20,000 real estate professionals and an experienced team of valuation specialists, you can rely on our in-depth reports and quality assurance processes.​​​​

Our suite of mortgage solutions includes:

  • ​Full appraisal and broker valuation solutions
  • Property inspection and post-disaster inspection reports
  • ​Rental market and renovation analysis solutions
  • ​Value reconciliations​​

 Our offerings provide clients:

The highest standards in quality assurance
With the constant volatility of the market, accuracy is paramount to making informed investment decisions. You can rely on our experienced team and data sources for accurate reports.

Access to solutions for the lifecycle of a loan
Our comprehensive suite of loan services supports each step of the mortgage lifecycle – from origination and underwriting to servicing, funding, valuations and asset management.

A growing network of local real estate professionals
Our nationwide network of more than 20,000 real estate professionals ensures you have access to national coverage and local market intelligence.

 Featured solution

Broker Price Opinions
We offer you a variety of mortgage-related products and services. For clients, we provide comprehensive and insightful Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) to aid in the decision-making process for investing in residential real estate. These data-rich reports provide a clear view of subject properties and can be customized to meet your needs.

Contact us to get a sample report and learn more about how we can help inform your investment decisions.

Our mortgage solutions offerings include:

​​Field services/REO management
  • Asset management
  • REO marketing
  • Evictions management
  • Property preservation
  • Vacant property registration
  • Title and REO closing
  • Rental management
  • Tenants in foreclosure
  • Renovation management 
Valuation services​
  • Exterior/interior broker price opinions
  • Broker price opinion addendums (rental and renovation)
  • Property inspections
  • Post-disaster inspections
  • Value reconciliation reports
  • Traditional appraisal reports
  • Hybrid appraisal reports
  • Evaluations
  • Automated valuation models (AVMs)
  • Indexing


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