​​​​​In April 2016, Computershare acquired Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC) to ​​expand its footprint in the mortgage industry and offer CMC greater stability, operational capabilities and financial backing to grow the business. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At CMC, we believe that by collectively leveraging our nationwide network of mortgage bankers, we can build innovative products and services for our 200-plus patron members. Our solutions include:

  • Risk and analytics
    From pipeline management to valuation of your servicing portfolio, our expertise spans the full life of a mortgage.
  • Funding
    Balance your funding requirements through our co-issue servicing acquisition platform.
  • Cooperative
    We save our patron members money with our collective buying power and identify new revenue channels to help them grow.

​Built on a single belief

An alliance of mortgage banks creates a collective buying power that leads to higher profits. As a patron member, you receive benefits including:

Favorable negotiated incentives and discounts from national mortgage investors and service providers.

Proprietary hedge model and interest rate risk management through our trading desk.

Networking and information sharing events with our patron membership.

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