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Georgeson is the world's foremost provider of strategic shareholder consulting services to corporations and shareholder groups working to influence corporate strategy. We offer unsurpassed advice and representation in mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests and other extraordinary transactions.

Our core proxy expertise is enhanced with and complemented by our strategic consulting services, including shareholder identification, corporate governance analysis and vote projections. Our global capabilities come together so we may solicit responses from investors anywhere in the world.

The orchestration of these abilities allows our clients to:
  • Make informed decisions on crucial corporate control initiatives
  • Understand shareholder sentiment on key corporate resolutions
  • Facilitate good corporate governance
We work directly with a wide variety of corporate management, including chief executive officers, chief financial officers, general counsel, corporate secretaries, IROs and professional corporate advisors, such as M&A lawyers, investment bankers, PR, IR and benefit plan consultants. We also offer companies a comprehensive suite of corporate event solutions, including post merger unexchanged programs, small shareholder programs and information agent services for Dutch auctions, tender offers and consent solicitations.

In June 2013, we introduced the Georgeson inVU™ platform, which helps gain deep shareholder insight and more effective shareholder engagement for both investor relations professionals (IROs) and corporate secretaries.

Information Agent Services

Communicating complex issues to shareholders can be a tremendous challenge. Acting as information agent, Georgeson structures fully integrated communication programs that present shareholders with clear, consistent information, even in the wake of the most complex mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, demutualizations and other corporate restructurings. As part of our Information Agent services, we are able to handle tender/exchange offers, self tenders (Dutch auctions), fixed income consent solicitations and rights offerings. Combining extensive knowledge of the mechanics of each transaction with scalable communications center support, we are uniquely positioned to handle deals of any size, including those in multiple international markets.

To learn more about how Georgeson is equipped to offer the unique capability to plan and deliver a Dutch auction in its entirety, click here.

Oddlot/Small Shareholder Programs

Shareholders who own fewer than 100 shares represent an often inactive, yet costly, segment of a company's shareholder population. Georgeson can help reduce the expense of servicing these accounts at no cost to companies, by helping shareholders increase or sell their holdings. With an average response rate of 30%-40%, we have offered, advised and managed small shareholder oddlot programs for more than 30 years.

To learn more about our small shareholder programs, click here.
Georgeson inVU

Corporate Governance Consulting

Proxy Solicitation, M&A and Proxy Contests